Hidden Lives

Hidden Lives is a powerful Young Adult Fiction novel about friendship, loss, and staying true to who you are against the odds.

The Cat in The Flat

An audio drama series. Set in a fictional city nowhere in particular, this is the story of friendship, bravery, cats, and the fluffiest pork buns!


Counterweights, the first collected works of Kestral Gaian, is a look into the duality of the world around us: what is, and what could be.

Three lines with an arrow that symbolises the band Hunting Hearts

Hunting Hearts

An unapologetically queer synth-pop garage-rock four-piece band from the South of England.

The Hardy Tree

A barely known landmark in West London and a barely known musician in West London make a barely known debut EP. In West London.

Birds and Humans

A choral piece that takes a step back and observes the interactions between those who dwell on land and those who dwell above it.

The Geekly Chronicles

Friday Night Radio for people who don't do Friday Nights. This award-winning geek culture podcast ran from 2011 - 2017.


A software framework for creating immersive text-based storytelling adventures. The epitome of digital art and creative nerd projects.

Contact & Credits

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