Kestral Gaian

Kestral Gaian

Award-winning broadcaster, scriptwriter, musician, and performer.Best known for presenting The Geekly Chronicles and penning popular choral compositions, Kestral is also an author, having published two poetry collections before breaking into longform writing with debut novel Hidden Lives.

Kestral has guest lectured at a number of top institutions across the world, including Eton College, Cambridge, and Université de Bordeaux.

Outside of work, Kestral is a keen cook and even more keen consumer of food.


Travel and stillness. Material objects and abstract creation. Counterweights, the first collected works of Kestral Gaian, is a look into the duality of the world around us: what is, and what could be. With recurrent themes of illness and beauty living side-by-side, Gaian explores the ideas of love being helpless, humanity being destructive, and of change being a constant companion to us all.

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The Geekly Chronicles

Friday Night Radio For People Who Don't Do Friday Nights. Join Kes, Katharine and Skylar as they chat to special guests, pit their wits against the listeners, and search for the best food on the planet.

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Birds and Humans

Flightful, harmonic, and thought provoking, this choral piece for Soprano and Alto was written as if taking a step back from the world and observing the interactions between those who dwell on land and those who dwell above it. irds and Humans was written for and first performed at the 2014 Monslavat Choral Festival.

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A heady, reflexive composition, this choral piece for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass, aims to evoke feelings of a path well travelled as the sun begins to set. Golden was composed for and first performed at the 2015 Monslavat Choral Festival in Melbourne, Australia.

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The Hardy Tree

An EP of some of Kestral Gaian's early compositions and performances, inspired by Thomas Hardy and written in the shadow of the tree named in his honour.

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