I’m Kestral, an author, playwright, poet, and performer from the United Kingdom. I’m currently represented by Reconnecting Rainbows Press for literary works.

My latest book, Twenty-Eight, is a collection of stories from the Section 28 generation, and looks to shine a spotlight on the UK’s original “don’t say gay” law. You can find out more here.

My stage credits include musical theatre, opera, and plays. I have a voice acting portfolio spanning video games, animation, and corporate work. Behind the scenes I have worked in production, management, and video mixing at a pre- and post-production level.

I am a proud trans woman who is not ashamed to speak about gender identity or life with autism. You can contact me if you want to talk about going from a coder to a creative, LGBTQIA+ activism, or if you want to see pictures of my cat. I’ve taken about 18,000 of them and I’m not stopping any time soon.