“In a world that often compartmentalises talent, Kestral emerges as a vibrant exception, a polymath blurring the boundaries between technology, mental health, and the arts.”

Kestral Gaian is an interdisciplinary creative and technologist based in East London. Their journey is a colourful mosaic of tech innovation, artistic expression, and advocacy.

It’s a path less travelled, where the worlds of technology, mental health, and the arts intersect in unexpected and enriching ways. Kestral has played key roles at both multinational corporates and early-stage start-ups, combining a knack for strategy with a passion for tech. But it’s the human side of technology – how it impacts users and communities – that really drives their work.

Outside the tech sphere, Kestral’s creative side comes alive. Whether it’s taking on roles in theatre, voicing characters in video games, or engaging audiences at conferences and panel events, there’s a genuine love for storytelling and performance. This creative flair extends to writing, with books like “Hidden Lives” and “Twenty-Eight” offering glimpses into diverse experiences, particularly resonating with the LGBTQ+ community.

Kestral’s commitment to mental health and advocacy is more than just a professional pursuit; it’s a personal mission. Their work, from supporting charities to launching initiatives like the Validation Station, is about making a difference, providing support and visibility where it’s most needed.

In Kestral Gaian, there is a blend of professional and personal passions, each facet informing and enriching the other. It’s not just about building a career; it’s about creating a life that weaves together diverse interests and contributions into a cohesive and meaningful whole.