Pressing Buttons…

Fear is one of those all-consuming states of mind. Whether it’s a common phobia or you’ve got an altogether more irrational fear, everyone has something that they’re afraid of. For some people, it’s technology.

There are loads of ways that the industry as a whole is trying to combat this – whether it’s simplifying user experiences, making things more intuitive, or even creating software that doesn’t feel like software at all. There’s one thing, however, that I think we’re missing.

Indiana Jones.

That’s right – Indiana Jones. Sometimes, especially when something’s new to me, I don my explorer hat, and treat it like a Lost Temple of Doom. How? By pushing buttons. So often I’ve heard people say “but I’m afraid I might break it” and to them I say hey – modern computers have so many safeguards against you deleting system files and important documents – so just give it a go. Explore a little.

You can apply this mentality to anything too – whilst making some tea this morning on one of our automated drinks robots, I thought I’d try some random button combinations to see what happened…


… and as you can see, I found out the extent of my team’s tea & coffee addiction.

So that’s my challenge to you for the week – try pressing some random buttons*, and see what you come up with.