Niamh Me Alone!

Published on June 10, 2020

I got approached on Twitter to be in the latest episode of Niamh Caulderwood’s amazing podcast ‘Niamh Me Alone’. The episode focusses on queer poetry as read by the poets, and I contributed two of my own works to the episode.

The first poem was ‘The Topher Lesson’ which is available in my poetry collection Counterweights and was written a number of years ago about a man with whom I was utterly infatuated, but who ultimately turned out to be completely straight.

The second poem, is called ‘I Was Silent’ and is very new. This poem is visceral and raw, dealing with the emotional freefall I feel when looking back at the early days of my gender transition. It will feature in an upcoming book of queer and trans poems compiled by Ash Brockwell.

Please enjoy the episode, and do subscribe to Niamh’s podcast for more amazing content!