DIVA Pride

When the global COVID-19 pandemic cancelled physical pride events in the UK, the usual hosts of the DIVA stage at London Pride turned to the internet to deliver a virtual festival experience to their thousands of readers and fans.

“If you’re looking for a true professional, someone to help produce and turn your online events (and more) into the smoothly run showstopper you dream it to be, then I would always recommend Kestral Gaian.”


Host, DIVA Pride 2020

uK Radio Pride

Producing trans-focussed content for the UK’s first national radio pride in August 2020.

Heather Peace

Carefully producing and curating Heather’s first step into virtual performances and online gigs.

Disabled Queer and Hear

Producing and running tech for a global pride event with a focus on people with disabilities.


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The Cat in The Flat

Reading Pride Host

Airsource One

The Secret World